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Heidi Rokati

Intern Heidi Rokati

Heidi Rokati, M.A., is currently completing her master’s degree in Mental Health Clinical Counseling and working as an intern with NorthPoint.

Heidi is acquiring her master’s degree from Grand Rapids Theological Seminary in Grand Rapids Michigan. Heidi’s completing her degree in Mental Health Clinical Counseling. Heidi is a certified life coach and has multiple years working with adolescents and adults.
My style of counseling work is to focus on strengths, empowerment, and improvement in healthier coping skills. I am passionate about helping those who are struggling with life challenges. I provide a safe, caring, and empathetic approach to my care.
Heidi Rokati, M.A.

Private, Safe, Confidential Counseling

Heidi’s Counseling Experiences:

We provide individual counseling in-office, online (Zoom), or by phone.

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